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When you are in need of individual or small business debt relief services, look no further than Law Office of J. Scott Logan, LLC of Portland, Maine as your debt settlement adviser. For over 10 years, our bankruptcy attorney has assisted the residents of Maine with professional and knowledgeable legal representation, making it possible for our clients to protect themselves, their assets, and their financial future.

If you are in need of help with credit cards, income taxes, student loans, or foreclosure, then give us a call today at 207-699-1314 for your free initial consultation.

Scott Logan prides himself in offering one-on-one communication with clients, at a low cost. The average Maine bankruptcy filing at this firm is $1,706 or less in Cumberland County. Because we do this every day there is less overhead, and we spend less time needing to do research. That means more time protecting you. Many Cumberland County bankruptcy lawyers divide up the work between the partner, associates and paralegals. However, Scott found that it can make clients uneasy, and prefers to do all or nearly all himself. Bankruptcy is a business decision. Make the best business move possible by understanding your options with a knowledgeable Maine bankruptcy lawyer.

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J Scott Logan. Advice, Guidance with Compassion, and Experience in Maine.

“When potential clients call for a free confidential consultation, they can be assured that they will meet with me, and not a less experienced assistant. We will discuss all of the options available, whether you are facing a foreclosure, consumer law issue, or debt management issue. We will work with you to determine the best course of action, whether that is seeking a loan modification, mediating a foreclosure, pursuing debt settlement, debt consolidation (unfortunately, we don’t offer this service, but will put you in touch with someone who does), or Chapter Seven, Eleven, Twelve, or Thirteen bankruptcy. When there are court hearings, I will be the lawyer attending them, and do my very best to answer all emails and calls personally. I find that having one person follow a case from start to finish enables that person to better represent his clients and gives the clients a sense of security in a very stressful situation.”


Areas of Maine Bankruptcy Practice – Free initial consultations for all Chapters:

Maine Bankruptcy lawyer J. Scott Logan is a Maine based attorney focusing nearly exclusively on representing clients in Southern Maine that are in financial distress. As a Maine bankruptcy lawyer that lives and breathes bankruptcy law, Scott understands the toll that financial distress can have on your life and your family.

If your crisis was temporary, and you could be back on track if you simply were not burdened with debt, or if you have a home that you would like to save, the sooner you call the greater your options may be. You do not have to go through this alone. A Portland Maine bankruptcy lawyer local to Cumberland County can guide you through the dangers, and help protect your assets, and your peace of mind.

In 2009 Maine passed emergency legislation to help homeowners going through foreclosure, and understanding your rights can be the difference between saving and losing your home. Raising articulate, legally supported arguments in the court system and outlining your financial situation will enable you to file for bankruptcy if needed without undue stress.

As most Americans know, America remains in a foreclosure and debt crisis. With record numbers of foreclosures in Maine, bankruptcy is now more of a business decision, rather than an embarrassment, and a competent attorney is necessary to guide you through this business decision with solid legal guidance.

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